As reported by Tasnim News Agency, quoting Oil Price, hopes and positive expectations regarding increasing the availability of automobiles and decreasing their price in the following summer has turned into despair, due to the fact that the long lasting global deficiency of microchips have made a dramatic decrease in the production of some big automobile manufacturing companies in the world.


General Motors announced that it will pause the production process of 8 factories (out of 15 car assembling factories in North America) in the next two weeks due to the deficiency of the required microchips.


Ford Automobile Manufacturing Company also announced that it has paused the production of Pickup in two factories and is going to diminish the working shifts in two other companies. These two American companies after Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda and Subaru have been forced to decrease their production due to the lack of availability of the microchips. These microchips are used in producing some sensitive electronic parts of car control systems that are worth about 40% of a typical car price.

Authorities of the automobile manufacturing industry express their concerns regarding lasting the problem of shortage of the microchips in the year 2022 or even 2023 which might lead to increasing prices of brand new and used cars for consumers.


Statistics demonstrate that while the sale of brand new cars in August in the United Stets has fallen by 18% due to the shortage in availability of microchips, the average of financial transactions regarding buying and selling cars was about 42736 $. It means the average price of cars this year has increased by 8% comparing to the last Christian year.


According to the recent researches of IHS Market, the shortage of the microchips in the market has resulted in fewer production of 700 thousand cars only in summer 2021 in the world. It means it will bring about a loss of about 61 billion Dollars in the income of car manufacturing companies in the world by the end of 2021.


Car manufacturing companies were hoping to have the shortage resolved by reopening of the economies due to Covid-19 vaccination in the world, but it did not happen.


The spread of Delta variant of COVID-19 in some Asian countries which are the main producers of the car microchips in the last few weeks has brought about problems in the provision of them.


Ref: Tasnim News Agency