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As reported by Tasnim News Agency quoted from IKCOPRESS, the after-sales-services company of IKCO (ISAKO) during the past twelve years, among all the after-sales-services companies of Iran, has continuously won the title of the best after-sales-services company, but based on the last revision in the instruction of after-sales conditions and regulations, it could also achieve the first place for the thirteenth year with a remarkable jump and won the “Rank One” in the after-sales area among all after-sales companies of the country as well.


According to the Public Relations Department of IKCO, based on the criteria announced by the Quality Inspection Organization and Iran Standard Organization to acquire “Rank One” a company must gain a score of between 85 to 100 in the overall assessment indicators. IKCO in the last twelve years achieved scores ranging from 70 to 83.9 which was the highest among all other companies in automobile manufacturing industry. This year IKCO achieved the score of 85.3 and was recognized as the first and the only company in the after-sales-services area in automobile manufacturing industry. IKCO has been able to maintain its position as the best company of the year for the thirteenth year.

In the report published by the Standard and Quality Inspection Company, it is mentioned that the after-sales-services company of IKCO based on the instruction of the after-sales conditions and regulations in three categories of “The Total indicator”, “Performance Result” and ” getting at least 75 percent in the Service Coefficient” gained “The Rank One” in the area of after-sales-services of 7 products and “The First Position” for that of other products.


The CEO of the ISAKO stated that the last two years, due to the unfair imposed sanctions against Iran and also the pandemic of corona virus, were the most crucial years for all the industries of the country, but ISAKO by targeting the customer satisfaction, doubling efforts, utilizing the updated technologies like the ISAKO Application and the Part Verification System has been able to overcome the difficulties and move forward. In addition, updating and improving the process of location-based service provision, more-than-ever reception of customers, projects of maintaining stable success systems, localizing and domestic production of car spare parts as well as self-sufficiency in manufacturing special tools have brought about the increasing improvements in serving customers at the ISAKO.

Mahdi Mounesan added that the pandemic of corona virus has affected the economic conditions of the after-sales-services agencies as the other aspects of the industry and production of the whole country been impacted, but the ISAKO, despite all hindrances, has been able to move forward and bring about remarkable growth in all the assessment indicators.

He reiterated that all the above-mentioned achievements have been obtained as a result of the all-round supports of the CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, ISAKO’s meticulous planning, staff and workers’ endearments as well as the doubled-up efforts of the certified agencies. He also said that they hope to carry out the continuous improvement in providing services to the customers and move forward in the path of boosting customer satisfaction.

Ref: Tasnim News Agency