The R&D department of Part Sazan Yekta Polymer Company, as the most fundamental part of the company, plays an essential and crucial role in the process of selling and providing services. In the strategic plans of the company, the R&D related activities are not considered as expenses, but instead they are counted as some kind of investment. The investment, amount of which is considered as one of the indicator of development of the whole company. However, it is vital to bear in mind that the performance of the R&D department is resulted from the systematic cooperation of a collection of main subsystems which altogether perform the expected tasks of this department.


The R&D department is continuously endeavoring to take the company to the desirable level by the following goals:

  • Developing products and planning for the manufacturing new products
  • Analyzing the current products and boosting their quality
  • Fast profit return and fast performance improvement
  • Comprehensive communication with scientific and research centers
  • Cooperation with the customer research department in order to design new products and optimize the current ones
  • Searching and finding to choose the most appropriate raw material
  • Production of the novel knowledge to develop products and optimize the processes
  • Researching in line with minimizing the production waste and finding intelligent solutions for reducing the costs of production
  • Meticulous analysis of the quality status and the total cost of the current products


For a company to survive in the current competitive environment, research plays a crucial role in finding strategies to guarantee the stable excellence on the market and that is why the PSYP company has dedicated a remarkable part of its income and workforce to the R&D activities. Therefore, the great part of achievements of the company regarding the material, products, processes and advanced systems have been resulted from the above-mentioned R&D activities.